Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grillet & Tomatoes, E-mail to Dr. Hank Mann

Ch Grillet is the smallest appellation in all of France, the entire A.O.C. is a monopole. They Grow Viognier and nothing but Viognier. But this is not the exuberant, lusty Viognier of Condrieu, oh no Mon Frere! This is from the granite schist of Grillet. Underneath the fleshy aromas of white flowers and woodspices, seethes the musculature of a dancer. A sexy precision and intellect, like large breasts on a nobel prize-winning underwear model.
I have tossed and turned, night after night trying to determine which of your 32 varieties of heritage tomatoes will best pair with this most rare of wines. I drew no conclusions except these; we should pull the cork and eat, for I do my best thinking with my tongue.

xoxo- James

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