Sunday, August 22, 2010

For MK Mag

From l’Evangile’s anomalous vineyards of clay and gravel in Pomerol, this Right Bank wine outshines even the best from Pauillac in the 1982 vintage. Merlot and Cabernet Franc locked in a gorgeous embrace of blue flowers, tobacco, truffles and dark fruit. A muscular beauty, even after twenty-eight years.

Chateau l’Evangile
Approximately 2,000 cases produced (an unknown quantity remain)
About $400-$600 on the open market

As close to Grand Cru Gevrey-Chambertain as the North American continent is ever likely to get. The Bryce vineyard is a mere four acres in the Ribbon Ridge AVA, and is farmed to an excruciatingly low yield that requires two vines to make a single bottle of wine. Bryce Pinot Noir combines depth, complexity and balance. A wine a penetrating dark fruit, loam and spice.

The passing of Marshal Bryce makes this the last vintage of Bryce Pinot Noir that will ever be produced.

Bryce Vineyard Pinot Noir
375 cases produced
About $70

This wine is the antidote for those who are tired of Super-Tuscans and Parkerized Brunellos. Villa Le Prata is a foursquare example of Tuscany’s heritage and quality. The nose and palate are quintessential Montalcino, with notes of old earth, old wood and old men.

A wine of profound expression and sense of place. You are not likely to confuse this with Bolgheri Cabernet. This is Sangiovese Grosso, this is and could only be Brunello de Montalcino.

Villa le Prata Brunello
400 cases produced
About $60