Wednesday, July 15, 2009


La Cosecha Fino Sherry, Imported by MHW Ltd out of Manhasset, NY

La Cosecha is the only Sherry I buy, as it is the best in the world and not expensive. I have waxed poetic about their Palo Cortado on these very pages, now that the weather has shifted, so have I to Fino.

The man I buy La Cosecha from, the man who "selected" it, is a man named Fred Seggerman. He is quite old and quite mad, nonetheless genius and a legend in the wine business.

He went on for hours that this was "fresh Fino" and I should try a few "goddamn cases".

It is the finest Fino I have ever had, light, dry with just a hint of marcona almond. No perceptible oxidation, just a clean and clear expression of the Palomino grape.

I served it chilled with Lamb Saag and Chana Marsala